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ASP Tuck IWB Keyring Baton Carrier Brown


ASP Tuck IWB Keyring Baton Carrier Brown – 1130002

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Discreet carry of an expandable baton must compromise concealment with access. Total security with speed of presentation. The Tuck inside the waistband carrier was specifically designed for this type of baton transport. It is small, strong and easy to use. Accessories on the Tuck hang over the belt. They hold the baton in place inside the waistband. The Agent is totally concealed. The baton is drawn by grasping the accessories on the split ring with the Reaction Hand. Grip the Agent with the primary hand. Pull the baton from the Tuck carrier. The Agent is fully functional. compatible with ASP Agent series batons for inside the waistband carry Country of Origin: CN Ground Shipping required: NO




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