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Code Blue Antiperspent Stick-2.25 oz


Code Blue Antiperspent Stick-2.25 oz – 1125292

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The sun has yet to rise, you’re in the tree stand waiting for an elusive buck to arrive and you suddenly hear rustling from a nearby thicket. Remain cool when the moment arrives by applying the Code Blue Scent Elimination Unscented Antiperspirant Stick before heading out for the hunt. Confidently lift the bow into position and draw the arrow, as the stick’s solid formula fights underarm perspiration, so you can focus on sticking the shot. Your scent is cloaked and your camo blends you into the surrounding wilderness. Make sure you’re dry and collected, so you can keep the target in your sights. Glides on smoothly to start masking your natural scent right away without additional fragrances that could spook game and wildlife Utilizes supercharged, medical-grade particles that seek and destroy 7 types of odor, so deer, raccoons, coyotes, fox and wild hogs won’t smell you Concentrate on sealing the deal, as the antiperspirant fights sweat to stop it from forming under your arms Stay dry and comfortable with protection that lasts throughout the entire day, from preparing for your trek into the woods to tagging a 12-point buck Formula won’t stain or leave residues on base layers, shirts or coveralls to keep your hunting apparel looking fresh and ready for the hunt 2.25 ounce stick Country of Origin: US Ground Shipping required: NO


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