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Code Blue Pro Hunter Kit


Code Blue Pro Hunter Kit – 1125300

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Successful hunters know how to play the wind. They also know the importance of staying scent-free. The Code Blue Pro Hunter Kit helps them do both. The kit features a complete scent elimination system for the most comprehensive approach to destroying odor available. In addition to laundry detergent, field spray, body wash and shampoo, antiperspirant, and dryer sheets, the kit also includes Code Blue Smoke Detector for detecting even the slightest wind movements. Travel size 16 oz. Code Blue Laundry Detergent scrubs out tough stains and destroys odor, leaving a clean that’s fragrance-free Unscented 12 oz. body wash and shampoo for head-to-toes odor elimination Convenient 12 oz. field spray proven by university scientists to destroy seven major types of human odor-causing bacteria Antiperspirant glides on smooth and dry, long lasting protection that leaves no scent Unscented dryer sheets work to eliminate static cling that can attract odor Smoke Detector wind indicator that floats like smoke in the air to reveal even the slightest wind currents Country of Origin: US Ground Shipping required: YES


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Weight 2.64 lbs
Dimensions 10.60 × 7.15 × 6.65 cm


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