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Gamakatsu Waterproof Backpack-Tuna


Gamakatsu Waterproof Backpack-Tuna – 1121710

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The Gamakatsu Waterproof Tuna Dry Bag is a great way to keep your prized possesions dry while out on the water or for any adventure in the great outdoors. Designed specifically for teams competing in the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot, these highly-coveted drybag backpacks are now available for all. This mid-sized, extra-tough, ultra-dry backpack is perfect for storing clothes and gear on those wet and wild offshore runs. Made from ballistic nylon, it will take a beating without putting the contents in jeopardy. The interior pouch is wide open to fit boots, rain gear, bulky jackets or heaps of tackle. It is tough enough to handle heavy lead jigs, tools or thermos and is easy to carry with padded straps and waist belt. It compacts tightly for storage when not in use Dry Bag Color: Black Dry Storage Bag 100 percent waterproof Features sealed seams Padded straps and waistbelt Country of Origin: JP Ground Shipping required: NO



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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 22.50 × 15.00 × 7.00 cm


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