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SA Sports Empire Spikes Expandable Broadheads 100 Grain 3 pk


SA Sports Empire Spikes Expandable Broadheads 100 Grain 3 pk – 1123554

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The SA Sports Spikes expandable broadhead is a big buck’s worst nightmare and a hunter’s best friend. The broadheads are specially engineered to fly straight, penetrate deep, and cut wide. The Spikes expandable broadhead uses blades secured by a simple o-ring to form a narrow cross-section before they deploy to a massive 1.5 inches wide immediately on impact. Trust your shot placement in every scenario with the aerodynamic shape that flies straight over long distances and slips easily through cross breezes. The bone-crushing hammer tip penetrates quickly and smashes through internal resistance to pave the way for the triple blades that create a devastating wound channel. Big game will drop before it realizes what happened. Aluminum body construction allows the broadhead to stay at a light 100-grain weight even with 3 blades, so it won’t weigh down the front of the arrow and cause the tip to drop. The blades are machined from high-quality stainless steel that is strong enough to slice through even thick bones. The SA Sports Spikes expandable broadheads combine the best of modern technology with an affordable price to deliver absolutely monstrous results on more hunts. Trust your shot to cut through cross breezes and fly straight on its path to the kill zone thanks to an ultra narrow profile that doesn’t expand until the head finds its mark Combine the best of modern technology with old-fashioned simplicity; these broadheads open using direct force on the blades so you can be sure they will do their job every time The hidden blades expand to a devastating 1.5 inch diameter immediately on impact to create a massive wound channel that will drop even the biggest game Shots that would normally be turned away by a bone keep on penetrating due to the unique tip design that smashes through internal resistance and thick bone Ideally weighted at 100 grains to precisely match the flight of field points to avoid any surprises in the field; the blades are machined from stainless steel for strength and durability Affordable cost Reliable deployment Country of Origin: CN Ground Shipping required: NO


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