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SureFire Helmet Light 3V 1.4 to 19.2 Lum Red Wh IR Leds Tan


SureFire Helmet Light 3V 1.4 to 19.2 Lum Red Wh IR Leds Tan – 1127736

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The compact, variable-output HL1 HelmetLight features primary and secondary LEDs and one infrared Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon. The primary LEDs are perfect for general-purpose close-work illumination. The colored secondary LEDs serve the same purpose but in a low-signature, dark-adapted-vision-friendly color. Its durable, watertight polymer body attaches to any Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) via an included ambidextrous mount with 20 preset positions for true 360-degree rotation. With the mount in place, the HelmetLight can be quickly and securely attached. Pressing a lever on the mount unlocks the light for quick removal. An optional Z71 carry clip mounts the light to any MOLLE or ALICE vest. The HL1 is a highly versatile illumination tool for military, law enforcement, and tactical use. Blinking infrared LED serves as IFF beacon White and low-signature colored LEDs for close-quarter activities Included mount has 20 preset positions, allowing for 360° rotation of Helmet Light Lightweight, durable polymer construction; watertight for all- weather use Ergonomic, no-look switching is easy and intuitive—even while wearing gloves Country of Origin: US Ground Shipping required: YES



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Dimensions 4.00 × 1.75 × 7.50 cm


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