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Zebco Bullet 662M Spincast Combo 10 lb line


Zebco Bullet 662M Spincast Combo 10 lb line – 1118039

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The Bullet, Zebco’s fastest spincast reel, has been custom matched with this 6-foot 6-inch 2-piece medium power fishing rod to provide the ultimate spincast fishing experience. The Bullet reel retains its title as the fastest spincast reel with its 5.1:1 gear ratio and 29.6-inches per turn line retrieval. The Bullet’s revolutionary ZeroFriction dual bearing supported pickup pin design ensures that line twist will not interfere with your favorite sport. This tangle-free reel is also equipped with precision machined brass gears, 9 ball bearings, and a continuous anti-reverse clutch. The Bullet features an all metal frame with a forged aluminum double anodized front cover that offers superior protection for the internal reel components. The Bullet reel comes pre-spooled 10-pound monofilament line; equipped with a FreeFlow Micro 3mm line guide. The line capacity for this reel is 90-yards of 10-pound tested line. Accommodates both left and right handed anglers with its changeable retrieve with comfortable GripEm all-weather handle knobs. Professionally selected to complement Zebco’s fastest spincast reel is an IM8 graphite, fast action, medium power rod. The rod is equipped with a split WINN grip rod handle that provides a tacky grip for no slip performance in all weather conditions. The grip features varied textures to provide comfort and support where it’s needed most. This fishing rod is designed with 7 line guides plus the tip, and is compatible with lure weights from 1/4 ounce to 5/8 ounces. The range of line weight appropriate for this combo is 8 to 12-pound test line for a variety of fishing applications. This Zebco Bullet Combo offers a performance reel and rod in a bundle selected by fishing professionals to give you the best experience on the water. This combo includes a Zebco Bullet spincast reel pre-spooled with 10-pound test monofilament line and a custom matched 6-foot 6-inch medium power fishing rod This incredibly fast spincast reel has a 5.1:1 gear ratio, retrieves 29.6-inches of line per handle turn, and features GripEm all-weather handle knobs Equipped with 2 tangle free ZeroFriction pickup pins, 8+1 bearings, high speed precision machined brass gears, and an instant continuous anti-reverse clutch Professionally selected rod is made with IM8 graphite and equipped with a WINN grip rod handle with non-slip varied textures to provide comfort and support Rod features 7 line guides plus the tip, compatible with lure weights from 1/4 to 5/8 ounces and line weight from 8 to 12-pounds; suitable for bass and walleye GripEm All Weather Handle Knobs IM8 graphite rod Country of Origin: CN Ground Shipping required: NO



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Weight 1.1 lbs
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