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Use a Diverse Knife for Wilderness Survival

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As any great outdoors lover knows, a wilderness knife can be vital to survival. There are many situations when a wilderness survival knife could come in handy, and many of them are difficult to anticipate.

Selecting a superior wilderness survival knife is crucial if you plan on spending excessive time outdoors. Having a wilderness survival knife is not the only important step you should take. It is also vital that the survival knife is of good qualityóotherwise, the blade becomes essentially useless.

A Fixed Blade Knife

The best wilderness survival knife is a fixed blade knife. It is ideal for carving, cutting, skinning, chopping, and many other outdoor tasks. This knife can serve you in many different situations.

Fixed blade knives come in different levels of quality. A higher-quality knife will last longer and make you better equipped for your wilderness adventures despite the higher price. Most of the cheaper knives available are weak at the point where the blade meets the handle.

When you are selecting your fixed blade knife, you should first inspect the tang of the knife. The tang is the area of the blade that recedes into the handle, and your knife will be less likely to break if the tang is stronger. However, if the handle breaks, the tang can be wrapped with a strap or cloth.

It would help if you also examined the knife’s handle when you are selecting a wilderness survival knife. It would be best never to choose a hollow handle because these are more likely to break. Your best bet is a solid handle with a grooved surface and contoured to fit your hand.

A Folding Pocket Knife

A fixed blade knife is an essential tool for any outdoorsman, and a folding pocket knife is an excellent compliment. Though a folding pocket knife should not take the place of a fixed blade knife, the many intricate tools on a pocket knife can be helpful in many situations.

Caring for the Knife

In order for your knife to be most useful, you should care for it and keep it in prime condition. This means that you should keep it clean and sharpen it regularly. A knife that is made from high-carbon, spring-tempered steel will require less sharpening than knives made from other materials.

A Wilderness Survival Knife Is An Essential Tool

A high-quality wilderness survival knife is something that no outdoor adventurer should be without. Its versatility and usefulness have the potential to rescue you from many a sticky situation.

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